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The IVF egg retrieval The Conception Diaries.

Let’s go through a few common questions and concerns that many of our patients have, along with some information to put your mind at ease before the big day! “What is egg retrieval?” Also known as the oocyte pick-up, or OPU, egg retrieval is the process by which eggs, or oocytes, are removed from the ovary after stimulation during IVF. Retrieval Day The day has finally come! We arrive at the hospital at 7:30 AM ready to retrieve some eggs! I was instructed that I’d be completely sedated but only for about 30 minutes or so. The procedure it’s self didn’t take very long but [].

Preparing for Egg Retrieval: Considering that the IVF egg retrieval is usually performed under anesthesia, the patient needs to prevent having anything to eat or consume alcohol beginning the night prior to the procedure. The morning of the IVF egg access the female need to proceed too quickly. Egg retrieval can seem scary because it is a slightly invasive procedure, but knowing what happens and how egg collection works can make the process less intimidating. These answers to commonly asked questions about egg retrieval can help prepare you for this big step in becoming pregnant with the help of IVF. How does egg retrieval work? Hello my name is Lora Wood. I just wanted to drop you a quick message and tell you I came to your Egg Retrieval Day article. Thank you for posting this, because it helped me mentally prepare myself for my retrieval day. You are talking about very interesting topics and subject matter. Don’t let misconceptions about embryo transfer and the “2WW” stress you out during the most stressful time in IVF cycles. Most centers explain well what happens in IVF cycles up to egg retrieval, but relatively little is explained for the period between retrieval, embryo transfer and first pregnancy test. Egg retrieval is a pivotal moment in your IVF journey. There has been a lot of lead up to this day, and you may be feeling quite a mix of emotions: excitement, anxiety, or even fear. If this is your first cycle, you may have many questions about the preparation, procedure and recovery.

Since the IVF egg retrieval is typically performed under anesthesia, the patient must avoid having anything to eat or drink starting the night before the procedure. The morning of the IVF egg retrieval the woman must continue to fast. The woman will be given a time to arrive at the Naperville Fertility Center. Sperm Collection: Day of Egg Retrieval. Sperm are obtained from the male partner on the day of egg retrieval. Occasionally, a final specimen may be requested on the morning after egg retrieval, if fertilization is sub-optimal and the embryologists have reason to believe that an additional sperm specimen would be useful. So today was our egg retrieval. Everything went well, was a little nervous to start off with lol. Feeling slightly crampy at the moment and tired, but I’ve just been resting in bed all day watching some movies. Anyways, they collected 11 eggs and we got a phone call at lunch time to let us know that 8 eggs. Transvaginal egg retrieval for IVF. In order to get sufficient eggs for the in vitro fertilization process, the woman is stimulated with injected medications using one of several IVF medication stimulation protocols to develop multiple follicles and eggs. Once the doctor feels that you have reached the criteria to proceed to the egg retrieval, she will order an injection of human chorionic gonadotropin HCG, a hormone, to finalize growth and maturation of the eggs. This injection is very carefully timed so that the egg retrieval will occur at the optimal time just before ovulation occurs.

The egg retrieval process is minimally invasive. Here’s how it works: the doctor will use ultrasound to identify your ovaries, which, by now, will be adorned with clusters of tiny follicles, like a compact ball of champagne grapes. The IVF process step by step Egg retrieval. Eggs oocytes are retrieved from patients by transvaginal aspiration directly from the ovarian follicles, approximately 36 hours after an injection of HCG. Y'all, I am not going to lie, I thought recovering from my egg retrieval was going to be easy. I planned to be at work the next day. In my mind I was going to rock it. I woke up from retrieval feeling like a million bucks plus we collected 14 eggs so that was exciting for me! I thought to myself, going to work is going to be so easy, I GOT THIS!

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But before eggs can be retrieved, the ovaries must be stimulated. Without the help of fertility drugs, your body will typically only mature one or maybe two eggs each month. For conventional IVF, you need lots of eggs. Injectable fertility drugs are used to stimulate the ovaries to mature a dozen or more eggs for retrieval. On the day of your retrieval your husband/partner will need to come in during morning clinic to give a semen specimen. You will be given a specific time for this collection, usually between 7:00 and 7:45am. The embryologists will prepare the sperm to fertilize the eggs once they have been retrieved.

The first official day of your IVF treatment cycle is day 1 of your period. Everyone’s body is different, and your fertility nurse will help you understand how to identify day 1. Step 2: Stimulating your ovaries. The stimulation phase starts from day 1. In a natural monthly cycle, your ovaries normally produce 1 egg. Click here to read all other IVF diary posts. I made it through egg retrieval! After 12 days of follicle stimulating meds, I’m no longer growing follicles. They’re gone. Out of my body, out of my hands. So let’s walk through the process. Day 16: Egg Retrieval. It goes without saying that I barely slept the day before egg retrieval. Egg Retrieval, Sperm Collection and Fertilisation in IVF Egg retrieval is performed before the second phase of an IVF cycle. It occurs when ovarian stimulation is successful. A day and a half after HCG is administered; a gynaecologist will use a needle to puncture the follicles.

For most conventional IVF treatments you will be put under during your egg retrieval. Only in cases of mini IVF where less eggs are being retrieved and a smaller needle is used will you potentially be awake during your surgery. Will it hurt? The procedure itself will. Patients typically return to work the day after the retrieval, although most patients feel some discomfort for a few days after an egg retrieval. If you would like to learn more about egg retrieval or any other step of IVF, contact our Austin IVF clinic for an appointment. IVF Egg oocytes retrieval is the procedure of eliminating eggs from people by a transvaginal goal from the ovarian follicles. Prior to the egg retrieval, the IVF patient will certainly have taken fertility drugs to stimulate the advancement of multiple eggs as well as follicles. Whether you are undergoing egg retrieval yourself or using an egg donor, we can support you throughout your IVF treatment and pregnancy. Some of our treatments have a more than 80 percent success rate. Contact our office online or call 818 946-8051 today to schedule a consultation and learn more about IVF treatment.

The day prior to your retrieval, the lab is busy carving dishes, making media, filling out appropriate paperwork, and finding an incubator for your embryos for the next 6 days. This is done for each and every individual patient who has an egg retrieval.

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